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  • Program Type: Combo
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Starting Price: EUR 2,196.65
New Zealand

This program combines English courses and rugby coaching with the best New Zealand specialists

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Location : Christchurch & Rangitoto, New Zealand

Duration : 4 to 22 weeks

Our partners offer English language tuition to enable international students to communicate within a social, holiday or work situation in New Zealand. Take the opportunity to learn English during the day and after class either join a team for practice or gain additional skills with the personalised coaching program. On Saturday you have the opportunity to play for a team in one of our local competitions.

For those who wish to enhance their learning with a rugby experience in New Zealand, the National Trade Academy, in conjunction with Total Rugby Ltd, can offer a variety of packages which include:

  • coaching sessions
  • fitness training
  • playing for a local rugby club
  • signed rugby memorabilia
  • a Total Rugby suit. 

There are three packages we offer for your rugby experience. The option you choose is combined with your English language tuition at the National Trade Academy.

Option 1 – Standard Flexible - Minimum 4 week Program


  • Specialized coaching in groups of 4 - 10 (basic skills and some personal coaching)
  • Attend a Crusaders coaching session
  • Breakfast with an All Black/Crusader to discuss playing at the elite level (minimum numbers required)
  • Fitness testing to measure baseline data and improvements
  • Access to Jim Burrows fitness center with training program provided by qualified fitness instructor

Prerequisite: Players must demonstrate that they have some knowledge of the game by completing a questionnaire.

Option 2 - Club Premier - 24 weeks

  • Includes all of Option 1, plus:
  • Mental skills session with qualified sports psychologist
  • Video analysis of playing using computer based feedback
  • Personal mentoring by Total Rugby staff
  • Total rugby tracksuit
  • Signed rugby memorabilia

Prerequisite: Players will have a history of playing rugby and have played at least one season of competitive rugby.

Students will have the opportunity to develop English language skills at each level they enrol in, with a focus on the systems of English (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and on the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Emphasis will be on listening and speaking skills

English Courses

  1. General English Course (Beginners) – 12 weeks
  2. General English Course (Elementary) – 12 weeks
  3. General English Course (Pre-Intermediate) – 12 weeks
  4. General English Course (Intermediate) – 12 weeks
  5. General English Course (Upper Intermediate) – 12 weeks

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  • Nicolas Robert, France
    Nicolas Robert, France International Rugby Programme, Rangitoto

    I had the chance to go to New Zealand for one month, where I could study in a great school, Rangitoto. During my trip, I have got to know people from so many different places and got involved in many activities. I chose this destination for playing rugby, because in New Zealand it's the most popular sport so Rangitoto had a very good team. The team was incredible,we won lots of matches and succeded in winning the tournament against Northcote at the end. It was awesome to play with the Kiwis and it wass the best experience of my life, I will never forget it.

Included In Fees

  • Computer & wireless internet access
  • Help to find work
  • Help with further study placement
  • Student kitchen to make light meals
  • Tea and coffee


NZ$ 250.00 Placement fee
NZ$ 260.00 per week Homestay fee
NZ$ 329 Insurance (12 months)

Payment & Cancellation

Once an application for enrolment has been received students may be asked to pay a $1000.00 deposit. On receipt of this The Academy will send an invoice requesting payment of the balance of fees in full.

When the applicant has paid the fees in full, they will be sent an "Offer of Place" and a receipt of fees, including administrative and any accommodation fees. Enrolment is then complete.

The Offer of Place is valid for 14 days from date of issue. Remittance of the fees in full constitutes the student's acceptance of the Offer of Place. The Academy may enrol students after the Offer has expired, but the Academy reserves the right to alter conditions of enrolment, including course start dates and fees.

The student is not entitled to tuition until the enrolment process has been completed.

Course and administrative fees for the entire enrolment period (including re- enrolments) must be paid within 21 days of invoice, at least five working days before commencement of the study programme, or immediately upon enrolment, whichever date is the soonest after acceptance into the Academy has been confirmed.

All cancellations must be made in writing.

Before commencement of the course: If enrolment is cancelled prior to the intended start date, the student will be entitled to a refund of all fees except enrolment fees.

After commencement of the course: Courses 3 months of duration or longer.

If a student wishes to cancel further study within the first 10 days of the course, the Academy will refund the course fees only. Enrolment and Administration fees will not be refunded.

After the first 10 days of the course, refunds will only be made at the exclusive discretion of the Academy's Director, if the student can prove extenuating circumstances necessitating the withdrawal.

If a student wishes to cancel further study within the first five days of the course, the Academy will refund the course fees only. Enrolment and Administration fees will not be refunded.

After the first five days of the course, refunds will only be made at the exclusive discretion of the Academy's Director, if the student can prove extenuating circumstances necessitating the withdrawal.

If a student takes leave during the course for private reasons, no compensation by way of refund or course extension shall be given.

If a student is enroled in a course which is cancelled before the agreed start date, the student is entitled to a full refund of all fees, including administrative costs. The student may request a transfer to a different course without penalty and without incurring additional administrative costs.

Students are not eligible for fee refunds or reconsideration of enrolment terms on the basis of:

  • Late arrival at the Academy without notification
  • Absence during the course without prior arrangement


We are the leading educational experts for New Zealand with more than 70 affiliated educational bodies ranging from private institutes to universities, high schools polytechnics and English schools. 


Our services are free, students pay directly the institute. Registration fees are protected by the New Zealand government. We are New Zealand Specialist certified agents and members of the ICEF Educational Group.

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