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  • Location: New Zealand
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New Zealand

Learn English and work as a barista in New Zealand

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Learn English at an appropriate level (you will be assessed on site) and receive Barista training once you have managed to get IELTS level 5 in your English course! With the Barista certificate, those on a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa can work in a coffee bar or a cafeteria. Learn to make the following perfect coffee varieties as part of your barista training: espresso based - flat white, cappuccino, latté, short black, macchiato, ristretto, mochaccino, long black...

Program details

This program combines 12 weeks of English course and 1 week Barista Course. 

With the combination of English Course + Barista Course the students will have the opportunity to improve their English Levels as well as learn the Coffee Making essentials skills.

 Our Barista course is a one week programme which combines both theory and practical aspects of coffee making and customer service skills, getting students ready for the New Zealand Hospitality industry and providing them an opportunity for employment after graduating on both courses (ESOL & Barista).

English classes are held from 9am to 1pm for 12 weeks and Barista Course from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

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    La formation Barista était superbe mais je me dois de pratiquer car ce n'est pas facile... Je suis mes cours d'anglais le soir de 5 pm à 9 pm car j'ai trouvé un job dans une French Bakery, aux multi-positions, je fais les sandwichs, je nettoie, je sers les clients, je vends... et bientôt la confection des cafés (ou je pourrais donc m’entraîner compte tenu de ce que j'ai appris!) C'est super mais pas évident car très intense! Freepackers est un organisme fabuleux. Réactivité, présence, organisation, informations, questions/réponses, sécurité, fiabilité, aide, soutient et j'en passe!! Je suis ravie de vous avoir contacté et saurais vous sollicitez à nouveaux dans mes futurs projets, ça c'est certain. Merci pour tout encore et toujours. Je recommande à 200 %. :)


  • Intensive english course (20hrs/week) in Auckland
  • 1 week barista training
  • Job assistance
  • Conditions

  • basic to intermediate english
  • Eligible for a WHV

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