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New Zealand

Are you looking for English courses, activities and travel opportunities in New Zealand, all in one package?

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All of the listed programmes are flexible, can be started any time of year and can be shorter or longer.

5 weeks English course and Horse Riding

Study English in the morning, and ride a horse in the afternoon (2 rides per week). During the horse trek, students will experience farmland and forests, waterfalls and close-up encounters with farm animals. The treks last for 1.5 to 2 hours. The General English course focuses on everyday English.

4 weeks Queenstown - English course + 5 afternoons skiing/snowboarding

learn English in the morning and enjoy skiing/ snowboarding at Queenstown's top ski fields

4 weeks Christchurch - English course and Rugby

Includes accommodation and food, coaching sessions, fitness training, playing for a local rugby club and a Total Rugby tracksuit.

4 weeks Whitianga - English course and Scuba Diving

In cooperation with Dive HQ Whitianga, students can get a Scuba Diving Licence in beautiful Mercury Bay! The General English/ Intensive course focuses on everyday English used in real life situations. 

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  • Nicolas Robert Rangitoto Rugby

    J'ai eu la chance de partir un mois en Nouvelle Zélande, où j'ai pu étudier dans une super école, Rangitoto. Pendant mon séjour j'ai rencontré des personnes de tous les pays du monde et je me suis impliqué dans de nombreuses activitées. J'ai choisis cette destination pour pouvoir pratiquer ma passion le rugby, chez les ALL BLACKS, et Rangitoto m'a permis de me faire jouer au rugby. L'équipe était incroyable, on a gagné pas mal de match et ils ont réussi à gagner le tournoi face à Northcote en finale. Ce séjour d'un moi fut la meilleure expérience de ma vie, je n'oublierai jamais. I had the chance to go one month in New Zealand, where I could study in a great school, Rangitoto. During my trip, I have got to know people from so many different places and got involved in many activities. I chose this destination for playing rugby, because in New Zealand it's the most popular sport so Rangitoto had a very good team. It was awesome to play with the Kiwi's and It's the best experience of my life, I will never forgotten. Bonjour Ce petit mail, simplement pour vous dire que le séjour de Nicolas à RANGIOTOTO a été excellent, à tel point qu´il ne voulait plus rentrer en France... Bien à vous JM ROBERT


  • - English course (15hrs/week)
  • - activities 3 to 5 times a week (depending on program)

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  •  A minimum English level will be required for programmes including training.
  • Hold a Visitor Visa for courses up to 12 weeks or a Student Visa for longer stays.

As an international student wanting to study in New Zealand, you can now complete and submit your visa application online.

  • Before you start your application, you need to:
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Payment and cancellation terms depend on each specific school. We will send you the necessary informations with your registration form. Please contact us if you if you wish to receive information by e-mail


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