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  • Program Type: Internship
  • Location: Australia
  • Starting Price: EUR 946.98

6 to 9 month internship positions available in Marketing, Design, Finance, Events, Business Management, IT& Computing, HR, Teaching, PR & Media...

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Our missions :

  •  To arrange beneficial internship positions which meet the expectations of the applicants
  • To provide assistance and services to the intern to ensure they have an enjoyable experience
  • To consistently offer host companies educated and motivated interns to support their business
  • To deliver a reliable, efficient and affordable service to overseas applicants


As a result of our support & loyalty, many of the host companies that we work with are now offering the interns a stipend during their placement. This is commonly in the form of a weekly bus or train ticket, but some companies also offer generous financial compensation. We encourage all host companies to offer a stipend although many companies such as schools & charities are not in a position to do so. We are sure any token of appreciation from the companies will be greatly appreciated by the interns.

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  • Sally - England Internship in Australia

    “I wanted to let you know that I got a job within healthcare PR. I wouldn't have even been considered for the position if it wasn't for my internship in Sydney, so I just wanted to say thank you very much and wish you all the best”

  • George, Royaume-Uni Cinema Internship in Australia

    « I have learnt more in my first month of the internship than I did at university for 3 years! »

  • Sylvain - France Internship in Australia

    I was extremely nervous about coming to Australia. After you arranged a phone interview with the host company before I left home, all my questions were answered. My internship was a terrific experience."

Your internship confirmed before leaving your home country!

  • Internship contract stating duties
  • working hours
  • obligations of employer
  • employment duration 
  • Phone and/or email contact with employer, Skype interviews

 Advice and support while in Australia including:

  • Weekly newsletter and social meet-up with other interns
  • Welcome package to collect on arrival (information, orientation, etc.)
  • Meetings with on-site staff who will be able to offer advice and support as needed
  • Reference letter delivered by host company upon completion of the internship


  • We need a minimum of two months to find and negotiate you a placement.
  • You will need to apply for the Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHV)
  • Positions available in Sydney and throughout Australia in Marketing, Design, Finance, Events, Business Management, IT& Computing, HR, Teaching, PR & Media...


  • A €200 deposit is required for booking
  • Final payment is due on signing of the internship agreement

Refund policy

We accept that the intern may not meet the company’s expectations, and the company may not meet the intern’s training expectations. If this does occur, then our first action is to mediate and try to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved through mediation, then we can attempt to replace the intern into another host company. ‘Replacement’ is a rare occurrence but we are prepared to do this as a final option when necessary.

If the internship is terminated by the host company due to no fault of the intern, the intern is entitled to be replaced with another internship host company. In the case where we are unable to replace the intern with a suitable host company, then a full refund will be offered.

We will make no refund of any Program Fees:

  • If the vocational placement/ internship is terminated by the host company before the scheduled end date which is a result of a fault or alleged fault of the intern.
  • If the applicant provides false or fraudulent information/documentation.


Our internship experts are active members of the Australian Internship Industry Association (AIIA). They were established in 2004 to provide a comprehensive service to international students wanting to complete an internship in all major cities throughout Australia.

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