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  • Location: Brazil
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Experience the brasilians' favourites activities while studying : soccer, music and photography!

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We offer regular courses in Portuguese Language Instruction for Foreigners in both group and private lessons, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. For the best learning experience, the group courses are limited to a maximum of 6 people per class, and class meets Monday through Friday.

We have the perfect location in Olinda , the student is within walking distance of everything they might need day or night. A short 10 minute drive and we are in the heart of Recife , the 5th largest city in Brazil. Recife provides students with everything you would expect from a big city.

Week’s Activities in School

  • Capoeira Instruction
  • Dance Instruction
  • Music Instruction
  • Brazilian Culture Class
  • Brazilian Cine Sessions
  • Brazilian Cooking Class
  • International Dinner


Portuguese and Soccer

The student will have afternoon soccer practice twice a week with a professional coach. Depending on their capabilities, the student will be invited to play with a team of the coaches selection. Our soccer teacher is graduated in physical education. He is a personal trainer and coaches a local team here in Olinda. He keeps a project for underprivileged children involving the sport to teach discipline and focus. He is your classic Brazilian, crazy about soccer.

Portuguese and Music

In addition to the 4 Portuguese lessons in the morning the students will have percussion classes in the afternoon twice a week. We will arrange for jam sessions with a local bands and depending on the ability of the student, they might be invited to play live with the Band.

This course is made with the support of local artists; their vast knowledge in the field of Brazilian Folk music makes them excellents teachers. They have bands, do workshops and lead social projects with the children of Olinda. They know everybody in the live music scene here in Olinda, so whatever your instrument of choice is, they can find a band for you to play with. 

Portuguese and Photography

Our teacher has worked as a photographer since 1989, when she chose to follow in her fathers footsteps. Students will join her at her studio and be taught the basics of professional photography before going on site, taking shots of Olinda & Recife.

Students will learn the basics of professional photography, conduct photo shoots around Olinda & Recife and visit exhibitions of local photographers. 

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  • Colin Olsen Portuguese + Activities in Olinda - 2015

    I spent two weeks in June 2015 at Norman's school. Without a doubt it was a great experience. You will have an opportunity to speak Portuguese every day at the school and I strongly recommend avoiding your native language while you're there. If you want to speak Portuguese fluently one day, I also recommend staying longer than two weeks! Norman and the teachers are very nice and they want you to learn. And Olinda! What a city! History, beaches, Carnival, and a rich Brazilian culture. I will day


  • Portuguese course(16.5h/week) & material
  • Activities 2x/week
  • Family stay accommodation
  • Activities once a week (capoeira, cooking, music, culture...)

Not included

  • Flights & taxes
  • Insurance


  • CELPE-BRAS training & exam
  • Meals
  • individual accommodation (Pousada, hotel, flat)
  • Airport transfers

Payment and cancellation terms depend on each specific school. We will send you the necessary informations with your registration form. Please contact us if you if you wish to receive information by e-mail

Logo-of-QISAN.jpgThe creation of the school in 2010 was the result of a partnership between two Brazilians & an Australian. We offer our students accuracy in the instruction of Portuguese. We pride ourselves on giving our students an experience that exceeds their expectations. Our attention to the individual students needs is our paramount concern.

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