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  • Program Type: Job
  • Location: Canada
  • Starting Price: EUR 912.68

Our partner in Canada provides paid jobs to international students and young professionals from all around the world.

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These programs are available to Working Holiday Visa holders only



The Resort  Job  Program  gives  you  the  opportunity  to  spend  up  to  a  year  working

and  living  in  one  of  Canada’s  most  famous  resorts,  whether  its  in  the  Rocky  Mountain’s

famous  ski  resorts,  the  Okanagan  Valley,  Banff,  Lake  Louise  or  Jasper.  The  program  is

open  to  most  countries,  with  the  majority  able  to  avail  of  a  one-year  open  program.  Some

countries  such  as  Ireland,  Australia  and  France  have  the  possibility  to  complete  up  to  two



Participants  are  guaranteed  a  work  placement  whether  it’s  during  the  skiing  season  or  the

summer  season  and  are  given  a  full  orientation,  interview  preparation  sessions,  resume

revision,  subsidized  staff  accommodation  and  other  perks  such  as  reduced  ski  passes

(depending  on  resort).  This  is  one  of  the  best  ways  to  explore  Canada’s  great  outdoors

while  earning  good  money,  giving  you  the  chance  to  get  out  and  explore  what  Canada  has

to  offer.  And  believe  us  when  we  tell  you  there  is  a  LOT  to  see!


The  summer  season  usually  begins  around  May-June  and  resorts  are  full  with  activities

such  as  mountain  biking,  swimming,  hiking,  mountain  climbing,  sightseeing,  horse  back

riding,  ATV  excursions,  zip  lining,  whitewater  rafting,  canoeing,  fishing,  rock  climbing,

golfing  etc.


The  winter  season  begins  in  Oct-Nov  and  this  is  when  the  resorts  really  come  to  life  with

skiing,  snowboarding,  tubing,  hiking,  snowshoeing,  zip  lining,  snowmobiling,  cross  country

skiing,  dog  sledding,  ice  skating  etc.


Jobs available on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa

WHV jobs in Canada usually pay between $5-$15 per hour. Waitresses in Canada can earn up to $300- $400 per hour! Job opportunities in Canada range from ‘outdoorsy’ to professional and casual or seasonal.  Most Canadian Working Holiday Visa applicants work in seasonal jobs: snowboard instructors, hospitality and retail jobs.

Get ready to work in Canada...

 You must open a bank account before the date of your first paycheck from your work in Canada

Already worked in Canada with a Working Holiday Visa? Apply for a tax refund...Average tax refund in Canada is $1000 CAD.

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What's   included?


• Canadian-style  resume  revision

• Interview  preparation  workshop

• Guaranteed  Job  Placement

• Canada  Essentials  Guide

• One  night's  hostel  accommodation  w/  breakfast

• Welcome  orientation  (in  Vancouver)

• Assistance  with  social  security,  bank  account  etc.

• Internet  access  &  mail  holding  service

• Support  and  monitoring  throughout  the  duration  of  the  program

• Certificate  of  completion


Not included

  • Flights & taxes
  • Visa
  • Activities
  • Accommodation

Options in Working Holiday Program :

  • Student accommodation or Home Stay
  • Social activities and trips around Canada
  • Free college and university placement in Canada


  •  Programmes are available to students 19 to 30 years old
  • A Working Holiday Visa will be required.

Payment and cancellation terms depend on local providers. We will send you the necessary informations with your registration form. Please contact us if you if you wish to receive information by e-mail


Our partner is a leading English language school in Canada and one of the most successful English schools in the world. With over 15 years of experience in providing first-class English programs, they attract students and professionals from all over the world. They also provide safe and affordable accommodation, exciting trips, activities and free university placement. We are honoured when past and present students tell us how we have changed their lives. Come study in Canada and give us the opportunity to change yours too.

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