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New Zealand

Study English in Auckland, biggest city in New Zealand.

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Study in Auckland

Located on the North Island of New Zealand and with a population of over 1 million people, Auckland is NZ's largest and most cosmopolitan city.

Our urban campus is situated in Auckland CBD with close proximity to train and bus station. The campus is located at Queen Street.

In addition to traditional campus-based teaching, our school provides onsite study options, giving students the flexibility to change study modes during a course and to choose from a broad range of subjects.

Many courses have a built-in work experience component, offering professional experience and contacts. We are committed to professional education and training and have excellent connections with corporations and professional associations.

Our students come from all over the world and can study on every continent via various education programs. These programs enable students to become global citizens and develop a richer cultural perspective.

English courses at six different levels including : 

General English

English proficiency step by step. We aim to provide a fun and sociable study environment to make it fun in learning English. Students will be allocated to a suitable level according to the placement test result. Our general English classes are designed for the students who want to improve their English skills. The classes focus on a fun and interactive English learning approaches as well as outdoor learning experiences.

Advanced English

The advanced English is a course for high achievers in the academic and professional world. This course is for students who already have a very high level of English but want to develop their fluency, accuracy and vocabulary range as well as a deeper understanding for English expression and idiomatic use. The course is highly communicative, enabling the student to debate and discuss global and national issues of interest with specific focus on using learned vocabulary and skills and fine-tuning pronunciation. Students at this level will no longer need to rely upon translation but may need to focus on complete accuracy in the use of key linguistic structure and practice. This course allows students to make the final step to obtaining complete and natural fluency.

IELTS Preparation Course 

we have our own IELTs preparation courses to help students achieve their desired IELTs score for tertiary studies, immigration purposes, employment needs and professional requirements. Since the launch of IELTs, it has been recognized for more than 8000 educational institutions, government agencies and professional organizations globally. Tertiary institutes accept IELTs scores as an English ability indicator for entry requirements in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom.

In option with intensive english programs

  • English for Academic purposes : The EAP class is developed to prepare students for their academic studies in all aspects of the English language. It is designed to support students with academic English skills and enhancing the skills and abilities students need while studying in an academic context
  • TESOL Certification : taking a TESL course is your passport to a world of travel and adventure teaching English abroad. There is a tremendous demand for TESOL qualified teachers worldwide with job opportunities in just about every country around the globe.

School facilities

  • Computer labs
  • Tutorial area & learning center
  • Library
  • Cafe area
  • entertainment facilities



Your homestay will provide your room complete with a bed, cupboard, and study desk with lamp and bathroom facilities. Your homestay should provide you with breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and with breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. You generally use public transport to get to and from school. You do not have to pay for separate use of water or electricity but your homestay may ask you to limit your use of both as these commodities are expensive in New Zealand


It will be much cheaper if you want to share (approximately NZ $75 - 200 per week). The accommodation with other people by renting a flat/house which will have extra charges such as:

  • A bond/finder's fee
  • Utility bills (power/gas/phone/internet)


Backpackers accommodation and budget accommodation offer an affordable option for your New Zealand travel. New Zealand backpacker hostels provide cheap accommodation.

Originally geared to the younger traveler, backpackers and budget hostels also cater extremely well for groups and families. Accommodation is available not just in dormitories, but in ensuite rooms, single and double rooms.

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  • Bambou Dijan Cours d'anglais intensifs, Auckland, 8 mois

    « Mon séjour à Auckland était parfait! On m'attendait à l'aéroport, ma famille d'accueil était vraiment gentille et m'a vraiment aidé à améliorer mon anglais les deux premiers mois. Puis j'ai habité 6 mois en résidence avec d'autres étudiants internationaux. Nous avons fait plein de weekends et de trips ensemble dans l'île du nord... Une expérience fantastique! Les cours d'anglais étaient intensifs, je finissais même par rêver en anglais! J'en ai profité pour prendre des cours de préparation à l'examen IELTS que j'ai passé avant de repartir en France pour commencer une année universitaire. »


    Témoignage de Dominique, inscrite à un programme de cours d'anglais intensifs à Auckland pendant que sa fille de 8 ans suivait des cours dans une école primaire pendant 4 semaines. Avez-vous rencontré des difficultés lors de votre séjour? NON - Informations avant le départ / processus de réservation : 5/5 - Encadrement sur place : 5/5 - Ecole et cours d'anglais : 5/5 - Logement et repas : 4/5 (les repas du weekend étaient à ma charge, le logement un peu éloigné de l'Ecole) Recommenderiez-vous ce projet à d'autres personnes? OUI Recommenderiez-vous Freepackers ? OUI PARCE QUE LES REPONSES SONT RAPIDES


English course 20hrs/week


  •  IELTS/TESOL preparation
  • English for academic purposes
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Airport transfer
  • Job assistance
  • Insurance

Payment and cancellation terms depend on each specific school. We will send you the necessary informations with your registration form. Please contact us if you if you wish to receive information by e-mail


We are the leading educational experts for New Zealand with more than 70 affiliated educational bodies ranging from private institutes to universities, high schools polytechnics and English schools.  Our services are free, students pay directly the institute. Registration fees are protected by the New Zealand government. We are New Zealand Specialist certified agents and members of the ICEF Educational Group.

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