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  • Program Type: Volunteer
  • Location: New Zealand
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New Zealand

Animal Conservation project in a natural reserve for volunteers to assist in protecting New Zealand’s amazing plant &wildlife

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New Zealand Conservation Project

New Zealand is home to a number of birds and plants that can be found nowhere else in the world! The kiwi bird, probably the most well-known native New Zealand bird, is continually under threat from invasive predators like stoats, possums, pigs and other predators. An average of 27 kiwi birds are killed EVERY WEEK - that’s a population decline of around 1,400 Kiwi every year. To think that just 100 years ago the kiwi bird numbered in the millions and that it could disappear from New Zealand shores in this lifetime is shocking. Without the assistance of conservationist and volunteers it is likely this amazing bid would become extinct. This is just one example of how New Zealand’s natural habitat is under threat.

Our NZ environmental group offers conservation projects so working holiday makers can assist in protecting New Zealand’s amazing plant &wildlife. Volunteers will assist in the conservation of native bird, animal and plant life to ensure the survival of New Zealand’s native species.  

As a volunteer you will work on a mix of projects which include:

  • Pest control (trapping and bait lines) 
  • Building and maintaining tracks
  • Monitoring bird populations
  • Building and distributing trap boxes
  • Eradicating noxious weeds
  • Planting trees and other native plants


How long does it take to get there from Auckland

The Conservation spot is 3 hrs 45min from Auckland. He will catch a Bus to the Coromandel township and then be picked up and taken to his accommodation

Where will they be staying

They will either be billeted to a host family (if one person) or groups will be put into Department of conservation accommodation

How many hours do volunteers work per day/per week

Normal volunteers will work for 6 hrs a day for 5 days, if the weather is bad they will be given a number of indoor activities to do, like trap making.

Extra activities while on the project 

There is a number of really awesome tracks around the area to take advantage of. The tracks lead to a lot of really amazing scenery like waterfalls and  rock formations. There are opportunities for horse treks and mountain bikes as well. As the Coromandel are is famous for its beaches in the summer months you can also visit some on NZ most beautiful beaches.

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  • Emma

    It’s such a great feeling, to go out in the bush and with my own hands do work that will aid the survival of these plants and animals.

Transport and accommodation is pre-arranged before arrival and placements will start at 7-days and can be extended up to the desired duration of the volunteer.


  • Volunteer placement
  • Airport transfer
  • Arrival accommodation and breakfast in central Auckland hostel
  • Arrival Orientation
  • Transfer to the project
  • Accommodation while volunteering
  • Support and 24-hour emergency number

Starter Pack Auckland

  • Finding a job, including CV advice
  • Information & assistance with opening a bank account
  • Travel options around New Zealand
  • Tax, including applications for IRD (tax numbers)
  • Buying a car
  • Mobile phones
  • How to find short & long term accommodation


  • English course in Auckland : 20hrs / week
  • Hostel or Family accommodation during the English course


Eligible for a Working Holiday Visa for stays longer than 3 months

Payment and cancellation terms depend on the host organisation. We will send you the necessary information with your registration form. 

Our partner is a non-profit organisation specialising in bringing young working holiday makers to New Zealand and assisting them with their travel and working needs.

We are continually adding new and improved services to help our participants make the most out of their New Zealand experience! Here are some of our services :

- Annual job fair in NZ

- Membership card - including 4500 discounts on food and entertainment in New Zealand and Australia 

- Pre-activated bank accounts with ANZ 

- Custom travel packages to suits your travelers needs 

- Volunteer project in the Coromandel 

- 12 month “Hop-on Hop-off” transport passes 

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