Program Details

  • Program Type: Volunteer
  • Location: Sri Lanka
  • Starting Price: EUR 890.00
Sri Lanka

Our educational project in Sri Lanka aims at providing better care and education to disadvantaged children.

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Project details

  • Project Starts on Monday, Every 2 weeks
  • Minimum Duration : 2 weeks
  • Location : Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka is known as the financial and commercial capital of the country. Located on the west coast of the island and it is the official capital of Sri Lanka or the parliament capital of Sri Lanka.

Colombo is a busy and vibrant city with a mixture of modern life and ancient historical colonial buildings and ruins that offers a variety of experiences. It has the lazy charm of the historical era combined with the liveliness of a modern city. Colombo is an ideal location to start our program in Sri Lanka


We are looking for people who are willing to make a commitment to help others who are less fortunate that they are. We want volunteers who are enthusiastic, like working as a team but who are also able to work alone.

These child care centre cares for poor and destitute children up to 5 years of age. These centres are the prime sources for the labour & lower economic background families to leave their children to be taken care by the assistants in there. These assistants used to take care of the children meanwhile their parents are on work.The volunteers will play the same role as the assistants do in the centres.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Assisting the staff in their daily activities
  • Assist the teachers in distributing the supplements
  • Assist in mid-day meal- Teach table manners, eating together
  • Songs, rhymes, shape concept- colouring of different shapes
  • Teaching basic English
  • Games and outdoor games
  • Following the time table put forth by the centre
  • Sensory development teaching


Volunteers participate in educational enhancement for students of local communities specifically in the areas of English, Math, Art and Craft. In order to encourage more volunteers to participate in this program, we provide detailed workbooks and guidelines for teaching. Volunteers help with the education of the children through creative, interactive teaching methods that make learning enjoyable. Imparting English language skills is extremely beneficial to children’s education and further employment.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Teaching English, Math and social skills
  • Games and sports activities
  • Teacher motivation and training
  • Children attendance tracking 
  • First – aid training and fun/recreation activities
  • To create play and learning atmosphere by teaching learning materials.


Monk Teaching

Our monk teaching project is located 5kms from Colombo. This is the teaching school along with hostel facility for Buddhist (monk children). The age group of the children from 8-25years and they have different level of grade & education.

Day to day activities may include:

  • Teaching English, Math and social skills
  • Beatify the class room with teaching learning object
  • Games and sports activities
  • First – aid training and fun fare
  • Teacher motivation and training
  • Awareness activities.

Volunteer & Travel

Kandy trip and Colombo sightseeing

Kandy - a major tourist destination - is also known as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Nestled in the hills at an altitude of 488 m, it is located at a distance of 115 km from Colombo.  Most viewed things to do in Kandy are Temple of Tooth and Peradeniya Botanic Garden.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka’s Capital Colombo, a port city, with a rich colonial heritage, on the Western coast is a potpourri of races, religions and cultures. Colombo displays the best and worst the country has to offer. The city is a contrast itself, with mansions, lush gardens, fine dining options, shopping malls packed with expensive designer brands standing next to urban slums; diesel fumed congested roads and street markets.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is located in the south eastern region of Sri Lanka. The gateway to Yala National Park is Tissamaharama. Yala National Park that consists of five blocks is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. Though Yala spreads over an area of 1260 square kilometers, only one fifth of the area is open to the visitors. Four-fifths of the park is a strictly designated Natural Reserve. Yala is an ideal place to spot the “big four” of Sri Lankan wildlife, the elephants, the sloth bear, the illusive leopard and the wild buffalo, the unsung denizen of the park, if nothing else dangerous to the extreme. The roaming elephant herds can be easily seen during dry spells at the small scale reservoirs like Butuwe (derived from the word “Wana Butewa”) and Mahaseelawa while Uraniya is best known for its aquatic avifauna, wild buffalo, mugger or mash crocodile & salt water crocodiles.

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  • Airport arrival pickup, within the prescribed window from 10 AM on Day 1 of the program until 6 AM on Day 2 of the program
  • Overnight accommodation post arrival pick up
  • Accommodation throughout the program : facility with up to 4 participants per room with same gender.
  • A thorough orientation up arrival on various matters related to information about the program as well as about volunteering.
  • 3 meals per day as per local cuisine (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the entire duration of the program
  • Cultural workshops and activities during the first 2 weeks of the program
  • Presence of a dedicated program coordinator at accommodation
  • Presence and support on site by a English speaking translator and helper to ensure that work can be carried out effectively by the volunteers on a daily basis.
  • Every day transportation from accommodation to project and back.
  •  Best available internet facility in the region, free of cost
  • Extensive pre-departure information, post-arrival printed material, regular training and support

Volunteer & Travel (options) : 

  • 1 night, 2 days excursion to Kandy
  • 1 night, 2 days excursion to Yala National Park

Not Included

  • Any air fares, Visa fee, Travel Insurance.
  • Vaccinations
  • Extra Meals
  • Up to date CV/ resume
  • Copy of return flight itinerary
  • Police clearance
  • Basic level of English; understanding and speaking
  • Acceptance subject to availability of position

Payment & cancellation

Full payment is due two weeks before arrival date or within 14 days after receipt of the invoices, whichever is earlier.

Under no circumstance will the fee be refunded to any volunteer/participant for cancellations less than 14 days before program start date.

Our Partner organisation in Asia has been offering volunteer and travel experiences to international volunteers for over a decade in India, Nepal and Thailand. Building on our diverse experience, having provided placements, travels and learning opportunities for many volunteers since the start of the programs, we have now taken our successful approach and extended it to another appealing and thrilling destination: Sri Lanka.

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