Laos faces many problems when it comes to education, with little government funding going through the school system. There are often not enough teachers for the number of students, leaving classes overcrowded and preventing students from receiving the assistance and attention they deserve.

our NGO works with local partners to provide needed volunteer support and funding, and aims to continually increase education for the local community.

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  • Education volunteer in Laos

    Education volunteer in Laos

    Volunteer with Lao children and young adults with a focus on teaching English, helping to develop their understanding of the language and increasing their access to further education and employment opportunities.

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  • Volunteer with Buddhist Monks in Laos

    Volunteer with Buddhist Monks in Laos

    This program offers an incredible experience where you will be giving English lessons to Novice Monks or local Lay school children whowhich lack the means to access a proper education. A unique cultural adventure!

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