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  • Hospitality internships in Argentina

    Hospitality internships in Argentina

    Combine spanish courses in Buenos Aires and hospitality internship.

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  • English + Internship in Australia

    English + Internship in Australia

    Improve your English and gain work experience in Australia!

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  • Guaranteed Internships in Australia

    Guaranteed Internships in Australia

    6 to 9 month internship positions available in Marketing, Design, Finance, Events, Business Management, IT& Computing, HR, Teaching, PR & Media...

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  • Internships In Canada

    Internships In Canada

    Internships in canada in +30 industry sectors

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  • Ranch Stay in Canada

    Ranch Stay in Canada

    If you like the country life, tractors, horses, cattle and fresh air, and want to experience the great wide open, then Ranchstay is for you!

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  • Medical project in Malawi

    Medical project in Malawi

    This project has huge potential to improve the level of primary health care that is currently provided in the rural communities in Malawi.

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  • Farm Stay Program in New Zealand
    New Zealand

    Farm Stay Program in New Zealand

    Live, learn and Experience New Zealand culture and the New Zealand farmer’s way of life!

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  • Chief entertainment officer In Cape Town
    South Africa

    Chief entertainment officer In Cape Town

    Looking for an internship in South Africa ? Apply for an internship in the best hostel in Cape Town !

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  • Pre-vet project in South Africa
    South Africa

    Pre-vet project in South Africa

    This program is designed those who are looking to explore or enter the professional field of veterinary science, animal welfare and animal management.

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  • Interships in Spain

    Interships in Spain

    No visa needed for this program ! Most of internships are based in Valencia

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  • Medical electives in Thailand

    Medical electives in Thailand

    As a medical volunteer, gain work experience while working with local communities in rural Thailand

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  • English + Internship Program

    English + Internship Program

    A program for those who wish to work abroad and improve their English level

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