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Happy hearts

Practical information


  • Discovery of the functioning of a local and passionate association
  • Improve your Spanish through total immersion
  • Possibility of combining several projects
  • Exploration of Córdoba, a dynamic and student city

Program description

Our local association in Córdoba works in collaboration with local authorities (city hall, communities, etc.) but also with local associations. For groups, projects can be set up in collaboration with the communities, and for individuals, they will be integrated into one of the many projects in place according to their skills and interests: sports, construction, health, women's rights, education, the fields of action are numerous. Here are some examples:


Happy Hearts is an early stimulation centre for babies and kids up to 5 years old supported by local staff. It is located in a beautiful area outside the city; they have a small orchard and a farm with rabbits, sheep, roosters, chickens so kids enjoy their days surrounded by nature. Volunteers bring additional skills or experiences which can vary the activities provided for children at the childcare Centre and broaden their horizons. Any encouragement you can offer goes a long way towards building a child’s self-esteem and confidence.

On Happy hearts volunteers are given freedom to develop their own activities to entertain the children. Volunteers here will find that the days pass quickly, although they can expect to feel tired out at the end of it !

Some of their daily tasks :

-Leading Arts and crafts activities

-playing Sports and games

-Informal English learning activities

-Helping to prepare lunch

- Cleaning up before and after the sessions

- Vocabulary learning

-grammar activities or oth er English learning techniques

- Supporting class work

- providing one-to-one assistance for children

Women Empowerment

This Project is formed by a group of women that help other women in social risk to improve their quality of live through emotional support and capacitation. The main aim of the project is to teach the women vocational skills that will help them gain employment in the future. The project is also a point of different talks where women could share their situations at home and realize that they have a way out of it. Women from Las Omas live like in other generation, they haven’t seen a different horizon, they don´t receive education and they suffer of domestic violence. When they wake up and realize that what they are going through is not normal, they get depressed and they need a guide and contention to be able to manage this situation and take the best out of it. In 2018 Las Omas won the city award for the best project.

During mornings volunteers will participate of the workshops (Textile, recycling, clothing, knitting, crocheting, porcelain, etc.) so they can establish a bond with the women of the project. Once they feel integrated they will be able to interact with them and give them support, advices or just listen of what they have to say and understand them. Volunteers will help to organize fairs and events where Las Omas will sell their products.

During afternoon volunteers can also help the women on the care of their children, helping them with their homework or teaching English.

Homework Assistance

This foundation is located in front of a public pediatric hospital , their mission consist on generate opportunities to develop capacities that help to built better life conditions to dignified people and their community, This project has two shifts, in the mornings they give breakfast to the children and their families. After breakfasts children go to the Playground area where volunteers have to play games and take care of them. During afternoons there are art, craft, music & educational workshops. The program is widely viewed as a vehicle which keeps youth engaged when not in school and involving them in positive activities where they have the ability to practice freedom of expression and connected to a vital cultural movement.

During Mornings volunteers, will make sure that children are fed, washed and dressed, paying them personal attention , playing games, riding a book or preparing and theatre show they will be making a really positive impact on their lives. There is always scope for any talents or interests you may have to be utilized.

During afternoons volunteer assist teachers from arts, crafts, music & educational workshops. Sometime volunteers go with the children to outside areas where sports and games can be played. 

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Where is your project

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Included in the price

  • Accommodation
  • Airport welcome
  • Donation for the project
  • Supervision
  • 24 hour- emergency line

Not included in the price

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Drop off to airport
  • Local Transport
  • Meals
  • Activities

Your accommodation

Our partner NGO offers two options for volunteer accommodation:

- Youth hostel in downtown Córdoba: accommodation in shared rooms (maximum 3 people per room) with access to the rooftop with barbecue and a fully equipped kitchen for volunteers to prepare their meals. The hostel also has an internet connection and a bar. 

- Host Family: Volunteers will be accommodated in a single room in a host family with half board. It costs about 50 euros extra per week to stay with a host family.


Additional information

The projects are available all year round except for the educational projects (with children) which are closed during the long vacations (January-February)


Requirements to participate

- Level of Spanish required: intermediate/advanced. 

- Students must be available for at least 4 weeks. They must have the skills and competencies necessary to ensure a successful international volunteer experience: ability to adapt to a new environment/culture and a sincere commitment to the host organization.

A deposit of 300 € must be paid 7 days after sending your reservation and then the balance must be sent to us no more than 12 weeks before the start of your project.
For stays in less than 12 weeks: the full amount must be paid to confirm the reservation. 


A 50% deposit is required for booking. Balance payment is due 4 weeks prior to departure. In case of cancellation before start date, all fees will be refunded, except the deposit. In case of cancellation after start date, there will be no refund.


The local NGO in Cordoba has strong values: a positive and sustainable social impact that defies boundaries and unleashes the potential of cultural diversity through volunteer programs and ethical business practices.

The intercultural experiences offered encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and into a zone of learning, expand your worldview, learn a new language, experience new emotions, enrich your perspective, change your habits, get to know other cultures, and your own limits.


Happy hearts
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Happy hearts

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